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I’m sure you have heard the line from the 1989 classic movie Field of Dreams…..“If you build it, they will come” (in full disclosure this often mis-heard quote is actually “he will come”….we Googled it!)  This line has been used in millions of situations beyond the magical baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield, and in the realm of economic development real estate it has been used a few times as well.

If a community doesn’t have adequate land and buildings for businesses looking to locate a new facility, or for local companies to expand operations, the jobs and investment related to the opportunities could be lost. But, having the appropriate real estate options is only part of the equation. The other half is making sure that those available properties are compiled and marketed for when “They come”.

Here in Pennsylvania’s First Frontier-Blair County, ABCD Corp. has “Built it” by creating an online searchable database of sites and buildings housed at  This database not only houses commercial properties listed in MLS databases, but also properties that are independently represented. We offer these listings free of charge to property owners and brokers so that we can present the largest, most accurate database for site selectors, business owners and decision makers.

In addition to building the database, ABCD Corp. also has experience in literally “Building It” in the form of developing business parks, constructing buildings and providing financing programs for the private sector to build it as well. For over 70 years we have been working diligently to make sure that when “They come” we are ready with sites, buildings and financing options to keep investment and jobs here in Blair County.

As long as we are mis-quoting Field of Dreams why not say what we are all thinking…..“Is this heaven? No, it’s Blair County – the First Frontier.”

To have your site and/or building listed on our database contact Matt Fox at and to discuss our business financing programs contact Rich Lasek at or


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