International Journalists Visit Blair County Region

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Thanks to an effort coordinated by CORE PA Global, a 53 county initiative established to increase international and domestic investment and re-shoring prospects, seven journalists from around the world participated in a regional tour.

The journalists specialized in writing about energy issues and have a diverse knowledge of mining, oil, natural gas and power generation. The countries represented included; United States (USA Oil and Gas Monitor, Pipeline & Gas Journal), Australia (International Coal and Mining News), Nigeria (Orient Energy Review), United Kingdom (Mining WorlLink, Coal International, Mining World), Canada (PROCESSWest, IPP&T) and India (DEW Journal).

During their visit they toured seven companies including Curry Supply in Blair County, PA. Curry Supply Company is a third generation family-owned business that began in 1932. Over the past 80 years it has grown to be one of the largest and most respected manufacturers and dealers of commercial service vehicles in the country. They serve the Construction, Rental, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Waste industries, Curry Supply manufactures and sells the service vehicles that keep those industries moving.

Prior to the tour, journalists were provided an overview of Curry Supply’s history and its growth into multiple industries and locations including oil and gas. In addition there was an in-depth question and answer session covering topics related to energy development in the reporters specific countries as well as the current outlook for PA and the US in regards to natural gas.

For more information on CORE PA Global visit and for information on Curry Supply visit

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