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What will Blair County be like for future generations? Thomas Friedman, the author of The World is Flat, posed this question – “Are you a community with more memories than dreams, or more dreams than memories?” Do we react only to short term needs or are we preparing for a generation who has yet to be born? There is no doubt that we should make no small plans. We need to think big. Dream bold. Plan forward. And make it happen.

The Altoona Blair County Development Corporation (ABCD) is working to ensure that Blair County is among the best places in world to live, work and thrive; a community where talented people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, family structures and experiences want to live, work, invest, celebrate and create new opportunities for future generations to come.

The Altoona Blair County Economic Growth Fund (EGF)

The EGF was established to ensure the ongoing operations of ABCD, a 501(c)3 certified non-profit economic development organization. Over the past several decades, ABCD has served thousands of businesses providing more than $500 million in financing and building projects. This investment has enabled local firms to start-up, expand and create new employment opportunities for Blair County residents. The economic impact of these efforts exceeds the $2 billion in both direct and indirect benefits on the local economy.

The EGF will ensure that Blair County residents and the businesses they represent have access to high valued economic development services including; low interest revolving loan funds, entrepreneurial start-up services, site and building redevelopment support, and state and federal sponsored financing investment. The EGF will further sustain robust marketing, communication and talent attraction activities designed to convey to a global audience the competitive benefits of living, working and investing in Blair County.

To view our complete Strategic Plan, please click here.

How to Give…

The Economic Growth Fund is administered through the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation (CPCF). The CPCF works to ensure all funds donated remain for local use and the purposes identified. To donate to the Altoona Blair County Economic Growth Fund you can either click on the “Donate Now” button or download the PDF form below. To discuss investment options to the EGF contact Steve McKnight, ABCD President and CEO at or 814-944-6113 to schedule a consultation.

*Note: Unless otherwise advised, the Community Foundation will notify the Altoona Blair County Development Corporation of your donation and the amount.

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