“Talent fuels business” – Without the right people and a good supply of them, it can be tough to remain competitive. We know that. That’s why ABCD Corporation has taken some important steps to focus even more on helping businesses attract and retain the talent they need to grow. Our First Frontier Ambassador program is designed to help your business tell the story of just how great our community is and why your next employee should be a part of it. Like the outdoors, yep we have that. Love the arts, check. Feel like a coffee shop on main street, check and check. You get the idea. So what should you do next?

First and foremost, include a link to our website and Facebook page on your website – both the home page and employment related pages work best. We have provided a number of different logo formats for you to choose from below that you can link to our website at www.YourFirstFrontier.com If there are any questions on the logos or if another color or format is needed please contact Matt Fox at mattf@abcdcorp.org or 814-944-6113.

You can also help us share your employees’ stories. Shining stars among the company, new residents to our region, standouts in the community or people you know who just doing interesting things. Their stories help others understand just how good they could have it right here. That helps you, your business, us, everyone. We will share their stories on our Facebook page, blog and videos.

You can share our original blogs and Voices videos throughout your social media platforms and website. We also ask that you encourage your employees and friends to like our Facebook page to grow the reach of our positive messages of Blair County.

Share with us your key job openings and we will post your opportunities for good paying jobs allowing people to return home, relocate or remain here in the First Frontier. In addition, if there are any hiring events or opportunities for people to meet you we will share this as well.


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